Cocktail box [ alcohol free ENG ]

The alcohol free version of the classic box.

The bees knees, but without alcohol. Some call it a mocktail, I like to call it a 0% or Zero Proof Cocktail.

Why? Because this cocktail without alcohol, is nothing to mock about. We will serve 100% flavour, with none of the alcohol.

There´s no reason to not have cocktail, even when you prefer not to drink alcohol. This cocktail recipe is perfect for 1 on 1 replacement of gin with an alcohol free alternative. 

Get your hands on this limited edition cocktail box. Once the date to place your order has passed, this box will not be available anymore!

Orders open until april 19th

Next month, the next cocktail box will be released (I´ll give you a tip; it´s a cocktail with basil)!