By: Jentina Posted: 2020-10-01

Ice in cocktails

Many cocktails consist for about 1/3 of ice. When shaking, stirring, adding ice to the glass, the ice will always dilute and mix with the other ingredients. It´s not magic, there are no secrets, it´s physics. DIY ice or ready to use? There are two ways of getting your hands on good ice (not literally, because it will melt ;-) ). You can either make it yourself or you can buy it. Both have their pros and cons. As a home bartender, I suggest you make your own ice with a reusable silicone mold and put it in the freezer. Make sure you use clean, filtered water and avoid getting bubbles into the water so pour it carefully into the ice mold. Bottled water will also do the trick. In a high volume bar, I suggest to buy or rent a high quality ice machine that fits your needs. The most common ice for bars are 2cm / 3/4 in cubes. Don´t have the budget or place for an ice machine yet? Buy clear ice from your local supplier. In this case, make sure you get solid cubes, not the ones with a hole inside because they will melt quicker. What form or size? Have you seen the crystal clear cubes or balls on instagram or youtube already? Beautiful! To get crystal clear ice, you´ll need a different approach. Or you´ll have to buy a big block of clear ice, or you´ll have to practice directional freezing. I´ll write another blog post about that later. Just know that you won´t get crystal clear ice by just filling up a mold and putting it in the freezer. There are many different forms and sizes of ice. The most uniform and useful form are 2 cm / 3/4 inch cubes. They are solid, so they won´t melt away too quickly. Easy to use for shaking, stirring, throwing or rolling, chilling glasses and to fill up a tall glass. The most popular form of ice these days is the sphere. A sphere is a round ball of ice. If you make it in a mold, you´ll get a result that´s fine for at home use. Do you want better quality, so more dense and clear? The best way to get this is to use a metal How long can you keep ice? Ice will stay fresh for about one month. Once the ice is frozen, get it out of the mold and keep it in a sealed freezer bag. This will prevent odors and flavors to get into your ice. You don´t want a cocktail to taste like gambas or frozen pizza, right? Level up your cocktail game (also non alcohol) ilumina cocktail academy is an online cocktail academy. You can learn and practice from anywhere in the world, on your own devices, with your own login in the comfort of your own kitchen. Ready to surprise friends and family at the next gettogether? I bet you are with one of my masterclasses! Practice with me! You can choose to learn one cocktail or you can get a package of more than one cocktail recipe. Have a look at the masterclasses and get ready to make your own cocktails!

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