By: Jentina Posted: 2021-01-03

3 types of glasses you should have in your home bar

Glasses. Who doesn´t like a set of beautiful glassware to use on special occasions? One to drink champagne, one to drink wine and one to drink water. Or that´s how it goes in most classic households. What if I tell you, you can use glasses for many more occasions than this? As a cocktail bartender I like to have minimum 3 different types of glasses in the cupboard in case I want to make a cocktail or just to have a casual drink in a fancy glass. 1. Cocktail (martini) glass The perfect glass for a classic cocktail, to give some examples; Espresso Martini, White Lady, Dry Martini, Dirty Martini, Manhattan, ... 2. Highball glass Aka ´Mojito glass´. The typical big glass, which you can use for many serves. From a tequila sunrise, a Tom Collins, a Mojito of course , a long island ised tea, or any tall drink. 3. Rocks / Lowball This is the smaller brother of the highball, serves perfect for a Bramble, Amaretto sour sour, Gin basil smash, or just a fine whiskey or cognac on the rocks!

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